Spurgin oil coolers...

Greatest looking cooler made for any bike. Eliminates high repair costs due to overheating. Restores oil pressure and increases oil capacity. Removes up to 40 degrees excess engine oil heat. Installs in about 45 minutes during an oil change. Built-in automatic thermostat for quick warm ups. A/N aircraft fittings. Stainless steel braided high pressure hoses. Road tested 3+ years throughout USA, Mexico and Canada. No stones or road kill can hurt this cooler! No ugly radiator to remember to cover or uncover. Built in the USA!


Powder Coated / PolishedThis good looking cooler removes excess oil heat whether you are standing still, in a traffic jam or cruising at highway speeds. Coupled to a full pass full flow patented thermostat that feeds and governs oil into the cooler to maintain proper temperatures.


Fins line the inside of the cooler extracting excess heat as the oil passes through, transferring the heat to the outside fins. This system provides the maximum heat transfer for cooling. This unique patented design processes the oil through the cooler four times for maximum cooling.
The Cooler fits all models and years including big twin carbureted and fuel-injection engines, twin cams, Buell and any custom made bike. The cooler by itself works with any air cooled bike including Indian, Big Dog and Triumph bikes.
The Cooler can be installed in 45 minutes during a regular oil change. No special tools or parts are required for installation.